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Who We Are

The Autoimmune Advocacy Alliance (A3) is a collective effort to achieve clarity, understanding and support for the needs of those living with autoimmune diseases.

A World Where Autoimmunity is Understood and Matters

We are a unified group of people focused on autoimmunity. We are patients, advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, family members, friends, volunteers and supporters.

We are a united voice for autoimmunity. We meet, communicate information, share ideas, advocated for those in need, gather for events, raise awareness and support for research.

Better Living for All Touched by Autoimmune Disease

Launched in 2011, our founding members include: American Diabetes Association, American Liver Foundation, ConnecT1D, Health Perspectives Group, Lupus Foundation, MS Society; Greater NW Chapter, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, Pat’s Fund, Platelet Disorder Support Association, Scleroderma Foundation; Evergreen Chapter

We exist because so few efforts present or discuss autoimmune diseases as a large and growing group of connected disorders. We do what is rarely done. We feature the family connection, the predisposition factor and the opportunity for multiple diseases in a single person. We offer information and guidance from individual autoimmune disease resources. We share personal journeys of living with autoimmune diseases.

Our work is currently centered in Seattle, Washington. Because our membership includes national disease advocacy groups, we are connected across the United States and are working to develop additional chapters.

If your area is interested in starting a local chapter of the Autoimmune Advocacy Alliance, please contact info@a3autoimmunity.org.