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Greetings and hello, I’m so excited to begin the LET’S CHAT portion of the A3 website to discuss your experiences with autoimmunity.

This is a forum for YOU to ask questions, make comments, learn about upcoming events and respond to other readers. There are so many challenges with autoimmune disease which are rarely seen or understood by others.

Sometimes we just need a place to go where we can vent and share with those who are also learning what it’s really like to live with autoimmune disease.

The Tracey Story


My story began when I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2008. My MS progressed fairly quickly and now I deal with everything from daily pain and fatigue, to continual arm and leg tingling, to frequent tripping and falling as well as bowl and bladder issues…all while trying to maintain a home and relationship. I started with a cane and now use forearm crutches wherever I go.

My MS progressed fairly quickly…all while trying to maintain a home and relationship.

Like many of you with autoimmune conditions, I had no idea what was to come when I was first diagnosed. I had no idea about having to say no to so many things I loved because I had neither the energy nor the mental fortitude on that particular day. I had no idea how many hidden symptoms there were that go unseen by others; even those closest to me. More importantly, no idea how I was going to maintain my home, a job; how I was going to pay for all that goes with this situation. Eventually I applied for and received full Medicare Disability, which can be a challenge in itself.

Lucky Day

The sun was shining on me when I ended up with an amazing neurologist, who has been endlessly helpful in helping me navigate many of the challenges with MS and all it asks of me. One thing I have learned is to develop a strong support system which is vital, and reaching out and coming together with those who share similar diseases can be incredibly important and helpful. As a result, the idea of “Let’s Chat” was “born” so others could comment and share their personal experiences living with autoimmune disease.

Now it’s your turn……

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