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Anna, Wenatchee, WA

Growing up my Mom was always a sensitive type of person – in her 40’s she developed IBS and in her 50’s was diagnosed with Hoshimotos Thyroid and fibromyalgia. Her delicate health was an influence in my life – she often didn’t feel well and this sort of set the overall tone. Read more…

Pat Barnes

I would prefer not to be telling this story; if only Pat could tell it himself. Perhaps he will help me as I go by guiding my thoughts. It really began in 1984 when Pat was a senior at Washington State University. I never really knew how he found the lump in his neck but by the time he called me the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease had been made. Read more…

Joy Cameron

Diagnosed with lupus in 2010. I was diagnosed with lupus five years ago at the age of 40. I remember feeling like my life as I knew it was over; all I wanted to do was sleep. It hurt to bear weight and even to get out of bed. Read more…

Hannah, Wenatchee, WA

Growing up, I was a very normal child except for major migraines. I was happy, and giggly and had exuberant amounts of energy. In April of 2007 my mother and I were rear-ended while stopped at a corner to turn into our street. I was almost 16 and that event turned by life upside down. Read more…

Annie, Woodinville, WA

I knew little about autoimmune disease until 8 years ago. Surprisingly, I would soon be involved with patients much like me, all with unique stories; stories that can help spread awareness and connect us to make a bigger impact. Read more…

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